Видеорегистратор mini dv md80 драевера

Видеорегистратор mini dv md80 драевера автовидеорегистратор с входом для камеры заднего вида

Should the file name be time.

Page of 4 Go. Page 1 Page 1 - user manual Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. It has adopted unique ultra-portable design, which. It has small contour design, which does UV spray finishing for the whole body. It can carry out high definition image recording under low illumination. Build-in lithium battery which can make a video more than two hours.

The battery is built-in lithium rechargeable battery, so when you use it the first time, please charge. When you charge it, green light and red light will bright simultaneously, of which states are. Press Power button slightly, yellow indicator light begins to bright, now it enters into startup ready. At this time, it begins to. Add to my manuals Add. Page 2 make a video. Page 3 When you shoot video without enough power, file will be saved automatically, then auto-power off.

Page 4 Work humidity: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. On my camera, the LEDs are red and blue. Steady blue light appears to be ON. Will go back to standby turned off if not activated within 45 seconds. Pressing the mode button alternates between Normal and Sound-activated recording modes. You can tell that Sound-activated mode has been chosen as the red LED flashes about twice a second.

It is not recording in either mode at this point. In either mode, recording is indicated by the red LED flashing about once a second. It appears that the button can also be used in Sound-activated mode, but this often causes confusion as recording will stop after two minutes without further noise activation.

Thanks for the info. Great set of instructions. Seen lots of comments about the cameras not working when purchased which is a shame as they are good little cameras for the money. I have also published some info on these cameras and how to set the time and date.

Is this camera supposed to be able to connect to Wi-Fi? I looked up several versions and every one I have found seems to connect to Wi-Fi. There may well be newer versions that do so now. Can someone let me know how to delete the video files that were taken on my MD 80?

Just got my 32gb card and tried that in the camera. All working the finest. I have put the TAG. TXT file in the root directory of the SD card using the SD adaptor and loading it directly from my PC but despite having put the new date in the field and deleted I think the date file it still insists its but the time counter works.

Are you formatting the TAG. Yup — I had the exact same problem with one of mine. I bought three of these — as they are cheap. One was different — factory date was After a lot of tinkering i found this: Hope it works for you to. So I did this: That works for me. Hope I help you. When charging there is a red light that stays on continuously and a blue light that flashes every second. When it is fully charged the blue light stops flashing and just stays on like the red light.

The red and blue light both stay on without flashing. I have a camera MD80, was trying to get the date but in the process caught everything and now is no longer recording video. What should I do? Looks like I got the same camera as yourself, where the manual mentions red, green and yellow lights, yet the lights are blue and red.

I was having difficulty making sense of the chinglish, especially having eyes old enough to need a magnifying glass. I only got it today, off ebay, and the video in the house is crap. I am hoping I get better video outside where focus will be less of a problem. My problem is I cant play back the movies I make on my PC.

They open ok and the sounds perfect, I just get a black screen. If I upload the movie to YouTube it seems to work fine, so i can only assume its my software. There is always the possibility that it needs the Quicktime codec but I would never install that bloated Apple filth on anything I intended to actually use. Excellent simplified instructions, many thanks. TXT file needs to be in the first root camera directory.

I have the chinese version of this camera md80 and trying to set it up as a webcam. I can get video with no problem but the audio is not working. I am using Windows 7 as a OS. I have also loaded the driver for the camera. Any help would be appreciated. Hi Jack, I have exactly the same problem as you video ok ,but no sound in a webcam use. Did you find out a solution? Hi hope you do not mind me advertising this, but this is a guide on how to remove the time stamp for anyone interested, hope this is cool with you admin http: Instructions great and downloaded VLC player and bingo!

Hope the video quality is better outside — just off to try and get rid of the date stamp. Glad you found the site helpful! They do seem to work better in brighter light as I think it lowers the frame rate to compensate in lower light. Thanks for the info, very useful. Have just started to test the MD80 which also has a Lexar 8GB card so it will be interesting to compare the two, also will be mounted on RC plane An interesting amount of work on small cameras has been done on this site, — http: I bought one of these last year, worked great until today.

When I plug it into my PC all that happens is the blue light turns on solid and then a few seconds later the red light turns on solid. If I unplug it and leave it on for a couple hours it eventually shuts off possibly out of battery? I will try and find a cure will let you know. Curiosity and being a cheapskate means I will find the answer to this problem.

All I can tell you is that the two of these cameras I had suffered from the lens adrift problem, and twice they stayed on until the cell drained down, I subsequently dismantled them re-fixed the lens and re-charged them and hey presto they work again!

One will now not record sound, but I think that happened before the lens problem. Looking for an answer to that one at the moment. This contained VLC — no problem here Storm Can anyone tell me what Storm3 is and more importantly send me or tell me where I can find a copy of the driver? Bought 2 x 4gb class 10, hey presto no more probs. Most of my video sound problems were with rubbish sd cards, however for normal use in cameras games ect the other class 4 work fine.

On average you seem to get around 90 minutes of recording time, and only uses up about g of card space, so a decent 4g class 4 or class 6 card would be ideal. It also depends on what you are recording…. If you attach it to your bike and go for a ride it will also last about 90mins, but use up about 4g.

The blue light stops flashing when it is fully charged. But i have a bad problem. Maybe i overcharged my DV camera or something, but this is what happened: I was charging it, took it off and shutted it down. When i turned it back on, both, blue and red light were ON and i could not do anything turn it off, which mode or record.

When i put it plug it onto my computer it cant reat the card inside the DV cam. If you wanted to write a little something about that so I can put it on the blog section, feel free to get in touch using the contact form. I have one of these the chinese version.

While I had it plugged into my computer I noticed the blue lights was flashing. The red light was not on. Can someone please tell me what that means? I just bought this camera. When charging, blue light is solid and red is flashing. Is it faulty and should I return it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I think I have the same issue. One thing you can do is download linux and format the device as a ntfs format and just plug it back in and it should work.

The time stamp issue all you has to do is open the device in your my computer folder and double click on on the file that says tag. If you want to completely remove it from the system then just hylight them blue and right click and click on delete and walla there gone for good.

It will ask you if you want to empty the recycle bin so yes click on yes and that should get rid of the time stamp folder for good. If there is anything I can help on I would like to help as many I can. Down load any linux version you want and burn it to a dvd and just insert it into the dvd rome and run it as a live dvd and do the task that I mentioned here. Interesting that they should name this product after a McDonnell-Douglas plane, hmmmm….

I am using a Patriot 8gb class 10 card in it so its a good card, battery holds charge well, I have only used it a couple times, I have spent more time trying to fix the issues than actually recording video with it. Anyone have a link where I can download the drivers? But i have a question, maybe some of you tried this already.

You can remove the screws at the 4 corners of the camera and separate the halves to remove the MicroSD card from the body of the camera. How is the quality? I could not find any reviews of it on the web. And what about this: I cant seem to change the date stamp on my aee md80 cam. Ive tried evry combination possible. Do you know how many minutes of recording can fit on an 8gb class 10 card? Cheers and thank you for all the info, Warren.

I have the cheap plastic version of the md80 and I have a mac. The camera didnt come with a cd and no device pops up on my desktop. What can I do? I am having a massive problem with trying to change the date on mine. I have formatted it with the 4gb memory card when plugged in to my computer.

Been reading this and have to add this tidbit. Some of the difference I see is that the MD has a bit higher Res.

MiniDV MD80 - цифровая мини-видеокамера, портативный видеорегистратор. Цена от руб. Видео х 30 к/с. Размер: 57 x 22 x 20 мм. Обзор. Спасибо за покупку миниатюрного цифрового видеорегистратора установит драйвера. MiniDV MD в режиме активации видеозаписи голосом. Видеокамеру MiniDV можно использовать как авто-регистратор (на некоторых сайтах его рекламируют именно как авто-регистратор и толкают по цене.

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