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Bookmark this page and check it regularly to keep up-to-date on the most recent version of each tool recommended for mixed reality development.

Get tips on how to spot security compromises and mitigate risks after a breach. Protect your organization by detecting suspicious behavior and malicious activities, then responding to breaches quickly. Get the full picture of your security posture across your organization with built-in intelligence and recommendations. Watch the Safeguarding individual privacy rights with the Microsoft Cloud webcast to find out which tools and services help strengthen protection, plus how Microsoft helps safeguard your data.

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Learn how to protect, detect, and respond quickly to cybersecurity threats in this video. Help protect your personal computer and get help with Microsoft products. Watch webcast Download report. Improve your enterprise security posture. This package also includes holographic DirectX project templates for Visual Studio. If desired, you can select to install only the templates without the emulator. The specific builds currently available, the support policy, issues fixed, outstanding known issues, and release notes can all be viewed here.

When installing, make sure to select the Windows Store. NET Scripting Backend you may install the docs as well. Review the getting started guide to learn how easy it is to extend the capabilities of your holographic apps with the Vuforia Engine. You can get a free development license at developer.

Windows 10 April Update. Install the Windows 10 April Update Install this update via Windows Update or by creating installation media using the link in the left column Learn more about new Windows Mixed Reality features in this update Enable Developer mode: You can also download and install the. Holographic templates Windows 10 April Update.

If you are doing DirectX development, you can install this package, which includes holographic DirectX project templates for Visual Studio. If desired, you can select to install only the templates without the HoloLens emulator. USB must supply a minimum of mA. For Linux, the machine must have access to an update repository. The update repository can be private or public. To create and manage update deployments, you need specific permissions. To learn about these permissions, see Role-based access - Update Management.

The solution consists of the following resources. The resources are added to your Automation account. They fail if you try. These groups are intended to support only the management solution. You can add the Windows computers to a Hybrid Runbook Worker group in your Automation account to support Automation runbooks if you use the same account for both the solution and the Hybrid Runbook Worker group membership.

This functionality was added in version 7. If your System Center Operations Manager management group is connected to a Log Analytics workspace, the following management packs are installed in Operations Manager. These management packs are also installed on directly connected Windows computers after you add the solution. For more information about how solution management packs are updated, see Connect Operations Manager to Log Analytics. For systems with the Operations Manger Agent, to be able to be fully managed by Update Management, the agent needs to be updated to the Microsoft Monitoring Agent.

To learn how to update the agent, see How to upgrade an Operations Manager agent. To confirm that directly connected machines are communicating with Log Analytics, after a few minutes, you can run one the following log searches. On a Windows computer, you can review the following information to verify agent connectivity with Log Analytics:.

To learn how to verify that the firewall or proxy server is properly configured, see Network configuration for Windows agent or Network configuration for Linux agent. Newly added Linux agents show a status of Updated after an assessment has been performed. This process can take up to 6 hours. A scan is performed twice per day for each managed Windows computer. Every 15 minutes, the Windows API is called to query for the last update time to determine whether the status has changed.

If the status has changed, a compliance scan is initiated. It can take between 30 minutes and 6 hours for the dashboard to display updated data from managed computers. In your Automation account, select Update Management to view the status of your machines. This view provides information about your machines, missing updates, update deployments, and scheduled update deployments. To run a log search that returns information about the machine, update, or deployment, select the item in the list.

The Log Search pane opens with a query for the item selected:. After updates are assessed for all the Linux and Windows computers in your workspace, you can install required updates by creating an update deployment. An update deployment is a scheduled installation of required updates for one or more computers. You specify the date and time for the deployment and a computer or group of computers to include in the scope of a deployment.

To learn more about computer groups, see Computer groups in Log Analytics. When you include computer groups in your update deployment, group membership is evaluated only once, at the time of schedule creation. To work around this, delete the scheduled update deployment and re-create it. Windows virtual machines that are deployed from the Azure Marketplace by default are set to receive automatic updates from Windows Update Service. To avoid updates being applied outside of a maintenance window on Ubuntu, reconfigure the Unattended-Upgrade package to disable automatic updates.

For information about how to configure the package, see Automatic Updates topic in the Ubuntu Server Guide. Select Missing updates to view the list of updates that are missing from your machines. Each update is listed and can be selected. Information about the number of machines that require the update, the operating system, and a link for more information is shown.

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